i have an angel as a sister

January 11, 2010
A piece of my heart is gone forever.
The wind blew your body over my eyes
and I couldn’t sleep for days.
At the casket, seeking your face,
my past, rushes by.
Touching your cold pale hand,
made my whole body freeze.

Days pass by and your death still lingers fresh
I want to be surrounded by angels,
in a place where the sun is so warm,
I can fly away from all my depressions.

Where the sun can keep my heart warm,
Angels will hold my hand
And this smile will never fade away

You are the only one who gets me.
I talk. They say I need help.
I cant live this way forever,
Be with me, save me.

I’ve driven myself insane already.
The bottle slipped of my hands.
I have to clean up the mess.

Fear of what I have become.
This monster inside me is hurting me.
Eating me alive slowly.
Make it stop love.
take me away. far away with you

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