Ode to A Parent

January 11, 2010
By Alexandra McKay BRONZE, Brentwood, Tennessee
Alexandra McKay BRONZE, Brentwood, Tennessee
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You don’t like to be near a sneeze
From someone walking past
It grosses you out, you say
To wonder what shot out so fast

You hate to sit on theater seats
They’re cloth and filled with germs
It’s funny that you freak out at that
When I freak out at worms

You love to jog three miles a day
Winning bonus points on the Wii
You’d like to run the half marathon
Thirteen miles of country

Lonestar and the Rascal Flatts
Sends you jumping up and down
As you sing to the tune, gleefully,
“ Ohhhhh, The only ground …”

You’re like a shiny, new, quartz crystal
That has neither been touched nor prodded
And even if you were, you’d still be
A personable, optimistic goddess

I’ve wondered if I’ll become like you
When I was about 6 years
It’d be a fetish honor
To be like someone so dear

You’ve taught me to believe in myself
No matter what brings me down
So far, I am invincible
My feet don’t touch the ground

I’m happy to say that we’re related
You’ve raised me well, I can’t ignore
Without you, mom, it’s not much fun
But with you I have wings to soar!

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