January 10, 2010
By ChErRiE=]13 BRONZE, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
ChErRiE=]13 BRONZE, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
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you can always plan your future, but you can never change destiny

cracks in the pavement show the wrinkles in time..

the feet of the ones that roamed before you graced their cold, hard surface with thier presence..

the ground could tell so many stories for those who never opened their mouths to speak..

rows of tombstones hold the names of those from an earlier time..

the deep furrows of an old womans face tell tales of a mournful life..

the lost eyes of the man whose brother was shot and killed infront of him won't fade with time..

the grains of sand in an hourglass shows the movement of time..

the cry of a woman when she finds that her baby was killed in the was will ring out in the years to come..

the mind of an abuser who killed 3 women will never change..

the ones who changed the way of an ordinary persons life will remain timeless in their eyes..

The author's comments:
i have heard an seen alot of things in my life an i was thinking about it one day and this poem juss came out..

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