A Voice in the Dark

January 10, 2010
By writing.is.an.addiction GOLD, Los Gatos, California
writing.is.an.addiction GOLD, Los Gatos, California
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"Ye hae your MEG, your dearest part,
And I my darling JEAN!
It warms me, it charms me,
To mention but her name:
It heats me, it beets me,
and sets me a' on flame!" Epistle to Davie, A Brother Poet by Robert Burns

A foot stomps on the outspoken
Not afraid of guns or bombs
Another life, taken a token,
Just thrown away, into the slums.

No more visions of rainbows and sunrays
Silent screams piercing the mist
The confusion unyielding, a befuddling maze
Too afraid to shout, ‘Cease, desist’.

No one to stand up for the poor & defenseless
When war is waged, the civilians die
Who will be left to clean up this mess?
Who will listen to the people cry?

How can we expect the world to revolve,
When these actions suppress all hope to move on.
This problem is one we need to solve
Haven’t they suffered far to long?

The mother, the son, the sister, the child
The father, the husband, the wife, and the aunt
Pain they feel last longer than a while
The torment they endure, nothing but daily taunt.

Stop this madness they don’t deserve
Help them live as we all do
And the world shall skid a sharp swerve
Into an era where Peace can live too

The author's comments:
During a Modern History class, I got thinking; this is the end result.

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