Your not in love with me

January 9, 2010
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Your not in love with me,

But the idea of me,

The idea of being with someone other than lonely,

Having someone fill your shadow,

You solemnly are not happy without the presence of another's existence in your arms,

The extra warmth in your bed,

The person to hold your hand as your skin does,

your strength when you are weak,

Your height when you are belittled,

What is "suppose" to be will be.

But what if, what is "suppose" to be isn't meant?

You can not force love, nor can you force yourself to be in love,

Defy and re-brake hearts by ideas and wants,

I can occupy the position of what you want but I can not fill it,

Because I am just a girl who fell for a guy and his idea and how it was "suppose" to be.

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