January 8, 2010
They lies they live, the lie's they
love. I've had enough I'm fed
up. These people teach us standardsthat...are way to low and notabove rewrite, rewrite the past
that’s what they do. No one has
ever asked why? Or has told the
rewriters to stop but when you
open up you talkative new textbook
it does not tell you I have been filled with horrible's more to think about then the fake crap they feedto you. If you don't stop it know this date! This time! You’ll rememberyou had a chance to fix it, but no!I was to conceited to give anything at all. You’ll then remember back when president's used to be human and life was a mere 100years
long but that all ended when rewriting all started! Now life in the future isa measly 20yrs.long that meansyou've got 4years and 20days left!oh yes and remember, remember now we have birds and swans as captains in the military and we send dogs to spacewith there opposable thumbs.
See the future has changed because
the Rewrites code, they rewrite and rewrite and drink to the future.oh what has the world become....

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