January 8, 2010

The sun shines from her hair.
Every strand is containing a brilliant ray of the sun that is temporarily hidden.
Her head bowed at a diagonal angle causing the tear drop to slide silently down the bridge of her nose
And rest at its peak.
It is the last rain drop from a heavy storm.
Her eyes are like the deep blue ocean, mesmerizing and impossibly breathtaking,
And behind their radiant appearance, lies a mind racing mystery no man could figure out.
Her eyes are tightly shut demanding no more tears fall tonight.
No more tears from the pain she is feeling,
No more tears from the confusion in her mind,
No more tears from her heart that is aching.
Her face is usually bright, full of life.
Her features are now grim with sadness.
Despite her demand, the tears are forming,
Sobs rising,
Heart aching…
But the sun still shines from her hair,
Her eyes are still the epitome of bliss.
She is in my arms,
She is in my care,
She is in my heart,
The love that will be never vanquished,
She shall always be there.
For she is my sister,
And I will fight to keep her face lit bright.

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