I do it all for him

January 8, 2010
By LAH1029 SILVER, Potomac, Maryland
LAH1029 SILVER, Potomac, Maryland
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I …

I force myself to get up every day.
I know it’s just for one reason.
I do my hair and give it a spray.
I hate the static in this awful season.
I put on some mascara and blush.
I try on loads of outfit combinations.
I pick the perfect one without having to rush.
I must look cute, I have high expectations.
I slip into my favorite shoes
I run out the door to catch the bus
I walk the aisle and look for a seat to choose
I scoot in a freshman without making a fuss.
I see those eyes in the hall
I get butterflies that make me shaky
I walk steadily but almost fall
I manage to walk past but am still a little achy.
I get a whiff of his cologne.
I keep walking through the skinny hallway.
I am surrounded by people but I feel completely alone.
I know its blue outside, but it might as well be gray.
I hope he appreciates how hard I try.
I can tell he probably can’t even tell.
I don’t know why I always get so shy.
I love him, he doesn’t, I want to yell.

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