January 8, 2010
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“Its your turn” the big man said
I walk past the gate and my ride waits ahead
Sitting in the designated seat I’m ready
I pull the safety bar over my head real steady
The carts jerk and were off on our ride
After darkness and confusion we end up outside
The wind is incredibly strong
My hair flings around because it’s so long
My eyes begin to water while tears tinkle down my face
We started slow but now it picks up the pace
My stomach can’t catch up with the speed
It feels like I just dropped it at the last dip, but we proceed
Sharp turns pull my body side to side
My screams echo and my tears have dried
Hands in the air are forced every which way
Every part of my body is flimsy like I’m made of clay
As we come to a forceful stop I smile
Rush of adrenaline stays with me as I exit the aisle

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