Ode to Hot Chocolate

January 8, 2010
On a cold winter day
You are my blanket
When I have a bad day
You make it so much better
O hot chocolate
Could you be any better?
Thick hot chocolate,
sweet and warm,
how could you be any better?
With your velvet chocolate smell
With your sweet chocolaty goodness
Running down my throat
Alas feeling your warm caress
Poring into my stomach
It’s amazing what you do to me
You make me feel welcomed,
To a land of chocolate and warmth
And it starts to rain;
But only in my mug
Hearing each marshmallow’s song,
Short but beautiful,
As it sinks into your aroma
Homemade or not,
You are my love
Feeling every drop…
Tasting every drop…
Loving every drop…
O hot chocolate
How could you be any better?

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