forgiveness is good, but revenge is sweet

January 8, 2010
A child should be kept safe,
that's what they say.
Anyone who hurts one,
they will have to pay!
But will they ever?
will they ever know,
how far, to erase memories,
one person can go?
Is the price to little?
Is it wrong to think an eye for an eye,
really makes the whole world blind?
Blindness comes easier then the want to die.
Cause always felling ashamed,
isn't the way it should be!
Trying to forget,
with razors and weed.
Love they feel,
can never be felt.
not enough pain,
can ever be dealt!
this person, they will rot in hell!
hell comes to slow to wait.
pain needs to come now!
His death seems like fate.
but the memories linger
long after he's gone.
Thinking, remembering,
keeps you up till the break of dawn.
All you wanna do is forget.
But sleep doesn't come
the pain is still there.
He has won.
You give in
this is all too much to take.
the pills set in,
the morning comes, you never wake.
Forgiveness is good.
Or is supposed to be.
But revenge,
revenge is sweet.

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