Let Me Live

January 7, 2010
By Suprstar92 GOLD, Helena, Alabama
Suprstar92 GOLD, Helena, Alabama
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Let me be sad, and sometimes glad
let me be starving too.
Let me be full, let me be lost
let me find something new.
Let me go in and out of things,
let me jump up and down.
Let me laugh and let me smile,
let me wear a frown.
Let me be thin or fat some days.
Let me crawl or run.
Let me be so miserable,
and let me have some fun.
Let me have honor, let me lie
let me be hurt or broken.
Let me fall, let me fly
let me be outspoken.
Let me find and loose some things.
Let me pay the cost,
and when I’m asleep let me dream
so no piece of living is lost.

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