January 7, 2010
By Stephanie.Marie GOLD, Manasss, Virginia
Stephanie.Marie GOLD, Manasss, Virginia
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"you wasted life why wouldn't you waste the after life" modest mouse.

the bubbles shatter into little soft glass petlals
floating around my head
i try to catch them
to save them in my pocket
there everywhere
i'll save them forever

it collided with my life
now i have optomisim in my hands
and i ask, "will you think of me, optomisim?"
"Will you come visit me..."
let me see your pretty face approach my eyes

cold as stone
clear as ice
thick nd stubborn
will you, optomisim stop hiding fom me
i'm done playing hide n seek
you come find me now
you optomisim

come find me
i dare you
i'm right here, out in the open
so vulnerable, protect me?
so fragile, so breakable...on this inside
but on the outside i'm cod as stone, just liek you

im a good actres aren't i?
i'm my own person

let me make my own mistakes

please, let me fall
scrap my knee
break a bone
just fix me when i'm done rebelling

i know i'm here for a reason
i'm her to shakethis world up
make a difference
whatever i have to do
even if i have to find my owm optomism in life

even if i have to create my own purpose
my mind will bend to mold this world into somethin it should be

i am determined to do something.

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