Be the Me

January 7, 2010
By Suprstar92 GOLD, Helena, Alabama
Suprstar92 GOLD, Helena, Alabama
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Am I the me that I wanted to be
when I wanted to be like you,
or was I the me that tried to be
like someone else I knew.
If I were the me I wanted to be
I wouldn’t have gone in there,
and if I was acting truly like me
I wouldn’t have thought that was fair.
The me that I am hoping to be
wouldn’t have said what I did.
The me that is inside of me
would have done whatever was good.
To be the me that I want to be
I have to let go of the you.
The you that does all the other things
the me doesn’t want to do.
I have decided to be the me
that has made everything new.
The me that I want to be,
not the me according to you

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