Drama Ruma With Your Grandmama

January 7, 2010
Man!!!!!….I understand when people
Say, save the drama for your grand mama.
But it seems that grandma has saved the drama for us. She
Spits drama out here mouth like a lama. She spreads gossip
Like a little dirty birdie on channel thirty. She don’t care who she hurt at least she could give us a frozen dessert.
But I guess that would be to much to ask.
That’s why she needs that oxygen mask
Because she’s on that disagreeable task.
I asked grandma why she acts like a big boil?
She told me SHUT UP!! Before I throw you in some cooking oil.
I was like men she mean just because popie walked off
With christen…..
Man!!!!!…I understand when people say, save the drama for your grand mama

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