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Drama Ruma With Your Grandmama

January 7, 2010
By miss.hicks BRONZE, Fresno, California
miss.hicks BRONZE, Fresno, California
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Favorite Quote:
if some one is throwing rocks at you, what do you do? do you pick them up and throw them back? or do you collect the rocks and build you a castle?

Man!!!!!….I understand when people
Say, save the drama for your grand mama.
But it seems that grandma has saved the drama for us. She
Spits drama out here mouth like a lama. She spreads gossip
Like a little dirty birdie on channel thirty. She don’t care who she hurt at least she could give us a frozen dessert.
But I guess that would be to much to ask.
That’s why she needs that oxygen mask
Because she’s on that disagreeable task.
I asked grandma why she acts like a big boil?
She told me SHUT UP!! Before I throw you in some cooking oil.
I was like men she mean just because popie walked off
With christen…..
Man!!!!!…I understand when people say, save the drama for your grand mama

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