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January 7, 2010
By 333Grrrawr333 BRONZE, Central City, Iowa
333Grrrawr333 BRONZE, Central City, Iowa
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Boyfriend, Nick, Damon, dumped, Exes, Abbi, Bestie, think, mind, talking, phone, Texting, Privilege, driving, sister, suspended, Kolton, Kaelyn, BA, Alcohol, uncle, druggy, Dylan, Tall, skinny, Me, anorexic, wellness, Cameron, Smart ass, Noah, Strand, Writing, love, Nick, hugs, kissing, Sundays, Church, grandma, grandpa, cancer, wellness, Semelroth, teachers, Mais, crying, loosing, dieing, Jack, Puppy, Cosmo(my puupy), Sparky(Grandma’s puppy), Trailor, Nick, food, eating, Chef, Katherine, chicken, garlic bread, hash browns, brownies, chocolate, crazy, root beer, today, lunch, invisible food, Randi, best friend, Nickie, Crying, weddings, me & abbi, gothic, Hot topic, tutu, valentines, money, love, cupid, baby, sex, condom, pregnant, child, Impatient, grandma, hospital, surgery, nick, no knees, hard life, life, dead!

The author's comments:
My teacher Tasha got me started doing these. We have to do journal entries every Tuesday and Thursday. I think I will start posting them on here.

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