January 7, 2010
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Boyfriend, Nick, Damon, dumped, Exes, Abbi, Bestie, think, mind, talking, phone, Texting, Privilege, driving, sister, suspended, Kolton, Kaelyn, BA, Alcohol, uncle, druggy, Dylan, Tall, skinny, Me, anorexic, wellness, Cameron, Smart ass, Noah, Strand, Writing, love, Nick, hugs, kissing, Sundays, Church, grandma, grandpa, cancer, wellness, Semelroth, teachers, Mais, crying, loosing, dieing, Jack, Puppy, Cosmo(my puupy), Sparky(Grandma’s puppy), Trailor, Nick, food, eating, Chef, Katherine, chicken, garlic bread, hash browns, brownies, chocolate, crazy, root beer, today, lunch, invisible food, Randi, best friend, Nickie, Crying, weddings, me & abbi, gothic, Hot topic, tutu, valentines, money, love, cupid, baby, sex, condom, pregnant, child, Impatient, grandma, hospital, surgery, nick, no knees, hard life, life, dead!

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