Last Goodbye

January 7, 2010
You tell me you love me then me like this? Did I do something wrong? Was there something I missed?
I'm not so sure why you stopped talking to me. Perhaps it's my breathe, or the food in my teeth? But I think my dear, that with a little shove, you could help me get through this and I could give you my love. I know I'm not much, and I don't blame you for leaving, but I hope this isn't the end, please hear me screaming! I love you!
I wish when I had the chance I would've kissed your beautiful lips, but now you're gone forever and my heart slowly drips. I feel my tears streaming slowly down my face, and I know that I soon will drift away from this place.
This place of love, this place of hate. This place of joy, this place of fate. This place of life and death. This place of you and me. And I guess this is just how it was meant to be.
Just remember this; when you find a young man worthy of your love, don't forget to cherish him because he's sent from above.
So with this my dear, I leave at last. For it has come time for me to finally pass, to pass from this world and move onto another. So I say to you for the last time, goodbye my dear lover.

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