Words Unsaid

January 7, 2010
It was always you that made me smile,
it was you that made drama worth the while.
The one who pulled me up when I was down,
you who never seemed to frown.

Then one day you were suddenly gone.
Next thing I knew I was crying till dawn.
I miss your voice, I miss your face,
I miss your laughs and warm embrace...

And even after the trouble I put you through,
I still never managed to say how much I love you.
Now I'm filled with remorse and regret,
parts of me wish to forget.

Forget the face that he once cared.
Forget the times that we once shared.
Forget his silly teasing way.
Forget the days we'd waste away...

I can't believe I chickened out.
I should've told you without a doubt.
Never once did I think you'd die,
At least I said one last goodbye...

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