The Lone Wolf

January 7, 2010
His eyes fiercely stare deep into mine
I get lost in his topaz eyes
My vision slowly drifts to his black as night fur
Then to his snow white teeth softly growling
He takes a step closer to me then another
His eyes never leaving mine as he proceeds closer
I slowly bend down one knee
Autumn leaves crunch under my knee in compliant
He takes one step closer
I feel his warm breath on my face as he breaths in my scent
Slowly his face comes closer to mine
My face only millimeters away from his
I carefully raise my hand closer to his body
My hand touches his elegantly soft fur
His body tenses under my touch but he stays motionless
I gently stroke his fur still looking into his eyes
A smile plays across my face in wonder
Suddenly I hear a whisper behind me
I turn to see what made the noise but nothings there
Twist back to the mysterious wolf
But he disappeared back from whence he came
I hear I distant howl
I smile knowing he’d be back

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