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January 12, 2010
By Lancealot BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Lancealot BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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John 3:16

Austin, Austin
What a funny guy.
The type that would make me cry
Laughing tears from my eye.

With many ideas, full of adventures too
Riding bikes,
Clogged toilets full of poo.
It seems he always knows what to do.

We once did Halloween in summer
But we got no candy, what a bummer.
He and I did chase our neighbor however
Wearing silly costumes we will remember forever.

My brother, my friend,
Adventures that will never truly end.
Those are the gifts he gave to me.
Some of which may have included pee,
Luckily that I didn’t have to see.

We don’t always have the same sight,
We have been in a fight.
This much is true.
But we knew exactly what to do-
Forgive each other
And we did it without the help from our mother.

Light-saber battles in my backyard
While chasing cars and catching birds
And finding a rare trading card.
And we probably did, really or not
Became an astronaut.

With many adventures lodged in his head
Things like jumping up on my bed.
Stuffed monkey slinging
And fish bowl tinging
All leading up to countless hours of playing Pokemon,
Catching the good ones, Right on!

Later and life he still means to me
To be that silly boy that came to be
My shenanigans partner
And helpful trainee
Both of us learning how to live life.

As we may grow
I am sure I know
That’s these memories show
How lucky I have been-

He is my best friend
We a niceness
And loyalty
That will never end.

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