Constants Are Changing

January 11, 2010
By aidan.mp3 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
aidan.mp3 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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He sends me out into space
passing planets, universes, stars
He sends me crashing back into
the atmosphere whenever we’re apart

His smile sends warm rays to dance
across my cold world’s barriers,
melting all of the ice, all of the cement
that, by my nature, is created between us

Twenty minutes away,
my salvation is sleeping, comfy yet unsettled.
Dreaming and slipping into another world
to his escape from his gravitational belt

In between the comets and rubble in his belt,
lies me, and my nine moons
Taken by his light, in awe of his sight,
he’s the only thing in my view.

A few solar flares occur,
separating me from my orbit.
But his hold never loses it’s strength,
and I find my self back in it.

He is the light of my future,
the savior of my past.
He caught me when I engulfed with magma,
hollow, and my surface was cracked.

He is my sun,
he is my falling star in the sky
I am his planet with my nine moons,
always in touch, always in sight.

Dedicated to Travis

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem for my boyfriend. He inspires me.

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