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Shining Armor

January 11, 2010
By KristenMilenki BRONZE, Warrington Pa, Pennsylvania
KristenMilenki BRONZE, Warrington Pa, Pennsylvania
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You are the shining armor
the sword and the shield
you are the cherry on top
the flowers blooming in spring
you are the medicine
and the 101 jokes book

But you are not the calendar
the secret
or the kid eating lunch by himself
and you are definitely not the green goblin
never will you be the green goblin

You might be the stork with the baby
maybe even the varsity football player
but you are not even close
to being the monster in the closet

You might want to know
what I am in this world so
i am the sound of a strike of lightning

I also happen to be the smell before a big storm
a newspaper dropped on the city floor
and the dairy

I am also the little kid hiding behind his mother
and the clowns when they have their makeup on
but don’t worry; I’m not the shining armor

You are still the shining armor
you will always be the shining armor
not to mention the sword and somehow the shield

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