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Perfection or Illusion?

January 11, 2010
By ProudFreakForLife BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
ProudFreakForLife BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Perfection or Illusion?
The kids see peace on the horizon
Gathered on the edge of an imagined Utopia
With peace in their hearts
And Revolution in their head
They stand unarmed, glassy eyed
With false hope shining through
And an ignorant smile
Formed by the false impression of unity
Placed amongst their
Creaseless uninformed blissful faces

A deep weakness within
Of an unknown origin
That seeks harmony
and leads to that path
Of a homegrown delusion
Containing that Utopian illusion
Blinding them from the dying revolution

Their eyes finally clear
To a scene
Of a disgusting reality
That erased the false serenity
Once painted delicately upon they’re faces

The author's comments:
I was inspired by friends who got sober and started to really fight for human rights.

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