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Self Esteem

January 11, 2010
By denise_2012 BRONZE, Gainesville, Alabama
denise_2012 BRONZE, Gainesville, Alabama
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Brace yourself child
It's a moment of lies
Don't sell yourself cheap
It brings tears to your eyes

You let others tell you
What is best for you
And let go of dreams
For dreams of them too

You look in the mirror
At a once pretty face
And say that the beauty
Has left you in gray

Listen to me friend
That beauty is there
If you look past the anger
And tears of despair

Those envious others
Have always been lying
So put on a smile
And stop all the crying

You have what you need
Don't give up on life
Of course there are enemies
On the long road of strife

But you are so beautiful
And bold and a friend
There's no way you can give up
And let your life end

Of course we will cry
And suffer from sorrow
But never ever wish
That there be no tomorrow

If I'm the only one
Who listen to your dreams
Close your eyes and go to sleep
Wake up with self esteem <3

The author's comments:
Most people suffer from self esteem issues. Sometimes we look at ourselves and want to die!! The only thing that can save us is someone modestly telling us we're beautiful.

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