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January 6, 2010
By ahslax29 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
ahslax29 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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This Toshiba advertisement shows a woman lying on a beach in a warm place. The ad is implying that watching the new Toshiba Regza makes the viewer feel like they are in the warm climate. The text says that after the viewer watches something on this television, it will be hard for them to determine the difference between the television and reality. The target audience for this advertisement is for a middle aged, Caucasian male and has a middle class life style. This ad was taken out of a car magazine which helps support the target audience. This is show by the beautiful woman that would draw a man’s eye to read the advertisement. The writing on the page reads, “There’s a thin line between Regza and reality.” This text implies that after watching this television it will be hard to distinguish the difference between television and reality. This is bad because it is false advertisement and tells the viewer that will they will be able to watch this television and be amazed with its quality and clarity.

This advertisement shows an astonishing lifestyle through the gorgeous woman and the picture. The picture is of a temperate place that will make the viewer feel like they are in a warm and beautiful place every time they watch the television. The lifestyle is this advertisement is glamorized because it shows the woman is in a place that would cost a lot of money to live or vacation to.

Persuasion techniques are used in this advertisement. It gives the viewers a warm and fuzzy feeling. It makes the viewers feel that they will always be in a place of warmth and beauty. Also a gorgeous woman is used to sell the idea of the place of beauty. The woman in the advertisement is a very stunning looking person. The woman is tan, her skin is clear, and she has a curve in her back, which shows she is fit and in good health. The timing of the advertisement is also important. It implies that watching the television will make the viewer feel in a warm place, so if the viewer lives in a cold climate, it helps the viewer feel warm during the cold seasons.

This advertisement has some negative values. The woman in the advertisement is not wearing the top to her swimming suit. By this woman not wearing a top it helps draws in the attention of a male looking thought the magazine. This advertisement also has untold parts to it. Nowhere does it state the cost of the television, where the television can be purchased, and what the topless woman has to do with the purchasing of the television.

This company used persuasive techniques to make the viewers consider looking into buying their product. They used the techniques of warm and fuzzy and beautiful people to make their product seem better. If the viewers look closer into the advertisement, they will see the hidden flaws don’t make the television seem like best buy and think twice before purchasing this television.

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