Is it real?

January 6, 2010
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Is it real?
If only I could see it better,
Hope I’m not going crazy,
Is it real?
Maybe it’s just my imagination,
I wish I could see it better.
Is it real?
Only a little bit of light coming through my window,
Off a street lamp.
Is it real?
If only I could touch it,
I can’t see it, only hear it.
Is it real?
I think it’s getting closer,
Its breath is getting louder.
Is it real?
Is this a dream?
Have I not woken up yet?
Is it real?
Too scared to move,
It might come and get me.
Is it real?
I can just make out a slight shape of a person crawling
Is it real?
I can feel the blanket being lifted,
I’m really scared.
Is it real?
Its hot breath on my face,
I can see its eyes and it sees that mine are open.
It’s not human’s real.

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