Maybe One Day

January 5, 2010
By A.Sykes SILVER, Austin, Texas
A.Sykes SILVER, Austin, Texas
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I am unique and delightful
I wonder how I look from other people’s perspective
I hear the crackling sound of dry ice melting underneath my feet
I see the naked truth as if it were human
I want to go back to the past so I can have a profound future
I am unique and delightful

I pretend to be the only person in this world
I feel alone at times, but reality snaps and I’m a civilian again
I touch my reflection as if she’s someone else
I worry that she is happier than I am
I imagine her in a better life
I cry because I realize she is me and I live that life
I am unique and delightful

I understand I have left the only person I knew on the other side
I say his life will get better just as mine has
I dream that one day he will find someone who will bring out the good in him
I try to help, but help isn’t enough
I HOPE some day we could be friends again and everything would be back to normal
I am unique and delightful

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