Walk Ahead

December 22, 2009
Walk ahead of me and tell me what you see
Do you see what will be?
Whats there to be seen?
Is there love and beauty?
Or is everyone ugly and speaking rudely?
Can I say good morning & goodbye?
Or is every word spoken in vain?
Is there change or has everything remained the same?
The suspense is driving me insane
Then again...
Sanity has never been my friend
Walk ahead and tell me what you see
Can I remain the same unchanged and unharmed?
Or will I be stolen away and replaced with an unknown me?
May I indulge you to help me here and now?
Do you wish me to bow?
Bow my head in prayer of a brighter future
Bow my body under your gaze
Bow my guard to your rule
Well I could not say I could
You say I should? Well...
I have never been one to bow to anyone
I won't start with you
I would rather stand alone
Don't worry I'm used to being on my own
You could offer your help
But I have learned to go without
I grasp my ways like a life preserver
To let go would be drowning
Drowning in this world you and others have created
I would be defeated
So move aside so I may walk ahead

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