Leave Me

December 22, 2009
Pressing my fingers to the cool glass
Staring at the markings of my cruel past
I'm broken, believe me
My body remains intact
But my life's a play in two acts
You see a pretty mask
A continued lie
You do not hear my screams
They remain silent
My need for protction ever vigilant
I protect myself from your judgement
From your curious gazes and sharp tongues
The air remains in my lungs, the screams unheard of
The tears i wil not cry
I have learned how to get by
I survive on the lies i create
What a hyprocrite I am
I hate you liars
And yet I am one
Can i really justify myself in saying I lie for safety
I watch and wonder, Who will be the one to save me?
Who may I scream for, cry for, tell the truth for?
I cannot say
But in the end will they really stay
Stay beside me, hold my hand, press their lips to my head
Tell me everything will be ok
Even though it won't
Because it never is
My head is an unbeatable maze
Once you enter you may never leave
My thoughts, my ways, my half-crazy mind remains
You must believe, do not think i am untrue
Listen to my words and know that i tell no lies
You will leave me
Like all the rest
The pretty mask shall return
Prefectly in place
The only hint of deception is a single tear rolling down from underneath
Quickly expunged and taken care of
Leave me, the true me, the real me, leave me
I was fine before you got here
And now
When you leave.

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