December 21, 2009
By Samantha.villkatt SILVER, Winter Park, Florida
Samantha.villkatt SILVER, Winter Park, Florida
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Last night I could not sleep

Of hauting past memories

Your smile

Your kiss

The simple touch of your lips to your hands caressing my rear & my hips

You were my every devotion

One glance my way set my heart in motion

Dizzy you made my mind

Erratic you made my heart

You were everything to me

Brighter than any star

Confused in love and lust

I payed my love in such a cost

For my heart broke at your sudden lost

So long you stood holding my hands or waiting patiently 'til the end of my rant

But no longer does a whisper of your name make my heart dance

What's happened?

To me, to you, to us?

I was reluctant to ask for I knew the man I loved wore only a mask

You tease and you play

Then without word you leave the next day

Heart plus soul bruised & unsure

So much in love waits for hurt once more

He laughs and says we were only friends along with a few benefits

Love-sickened trance, tears being held back; she realizes he is no man

Thinking she's found such true love

Instead to be tricked by a false safe glove

Feeling like nothing and understanding everything

She rubs her belly and knows how its the only thing worth loving.

But most of all what's true and a fact

That the boy she once loved wore only but a mask.

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