Secret's Hurt

December 21, 2009
You stop talking as soon as I change the subject,
I don't know why i'm so suprised.
It's always the same,
whenever I try to talk to you.
But no matter how many times it happens,
the pain is always there; just as strong as before.
What's the point in a forever,
with someone that you just can't trust.
This isn't the kind of life I want,
I need to be more than a second thought.
I want more than an "oh by the way,"
everytime something happens.
Every ignored conversation breaks my heart a little bit more,
makes me doubt if we're as strong as we pretend.
Do you stay with me for love?
or so that you don't have to be alone.
Well now i'm tired of wondering,
tired of falling asleep with tears on my face.
I've made up my mind,
and no matter how much it hurts.
I'm telling you goodbye,
maybe next time you'll learn that secrets hurt.

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