Playground Memories

December 21, 2009
I walk down the street to the park by our house,
The rain is pouring down all around me.

I climb onto the play escape and close my eyes,
As I'm taken to another time and place.

A time where two little kids would run around,
Not too far from where I was now.

A time where there only problem was the boy's older brother,
Who lived to torment them as much as he could.

A tear runs down my face as I think of those same two kids,
Older now and no longer at ease with each other.

Frowns mare their face as they look around,
All of their memories from the past begging to be relived.

Few words escape when they look at one another,
And the few that do are better off unsaid.

I feel the tears coming harder now as I remeber that same boy,
Walk away from the girl without so much as a backwards glance,
While she could barely stop the tears from coming.

The picture fades when I hear two little kids,
Playing and laughing just like we used to.

I close my eyes one more time,
Praying that they don't end up like we did.

With just an occasional glance to remind us,
Of two little kids who never left each others side's.

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