Final Goodbye

December 21, 2009
It's so hard to drive,
The tears make it so hard to see.
Seven months and the promise of forever,
erased with just a few little words.
I tell myself that I had to,
even though it does little to help with the pain.
We went just way too fast,
and had to watch as it exploded in our faces.
Maybe we could have avoided this,
if we had given it just a little more time.
You seemed so carefree,
while I was barely holding it together.
Every word you said made it harder,
every thought out reason forgotten.
I knew that I had to leave,
the tears were starting to fall.
So I said one final goodbye,
goodbye to all that we had.
A goodbye to our future;
to every smile, every hug, and every fight,
and to all of our carefully made plans

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