Unfair Fight

December 21, 2009
By Anonymous

The bell finally rings, it signaling the awaited end of the day/
Once I was out of the building, it felt like the sunny month of May/
As I walk along the sidewalk stretched into the distance/
My concentration drifts away, then I think of an instance//

Since the age of fourteen, I have hit upon revelation/
It entailed an oscillating degree of damnation/
Frankly, I am not a genuinely joyous individual/
What used to be truly important is now just very trivial//

I wait for the very ridiculous number of cars to pass/
The lines they make seem to never have an end alas/
When they have finally all gone by, at last I get to cross the street/
On the other side there's someone, whom I recognize and greet//

He emanates a very positive influence, he is my friend Jerry/
We are rather quite different, opposite to me, he seems truly merry/
I think that looking at the dominant sky is interesting/
He believes it is supremely quite uninteresting//

Some figures of people, in a fight seem to be cheating/
For it is two against one, one’s being given a beating /
I and Jerry rapidly discuss whether or not should we intervene /
Me, pugnaciousness and combating is not in any of my gene//

From our view they seemed intimidating, frightening/
From the length, one might have thought their punches might strike like lighting/
To interfere with the very unfair trashing we were wavering/
For we could kind of picture ourselves their fists flavoring//

Ultimately, in a split second, I had stepped in/
Unable to just look, not caring should I lose or win/
Once I drew closer, they were not that all as alarming/
I actually really thought in a fist fight I could them be harming//

Immediately, one had sent a punch connecting to my gut/
Then, I was determined I was going to kick his butt/
Luckily, Jerry came to fight the other brute, the dispute was now fair/
I was extremely resolute to my opponent's face tear//

He hit me a few times, but with a swift punch, he dropped to the ground/
I looked towards Jerry, his opponent he also downed/
The beaten man I checked, he had a severe wound on his face/
The men ran away, for the victim wanders in a strange new place//

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