The Great Rivalry

December 21, 2009
By pboyle44 SILVER, South Plainfield, New Jersey
pboyle44 SILVER, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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It is Saturday and there is a football game today./ It will be the Vikings versus the Packers of Green Bay./ Brett Favre has exchanged teams from the Packers to the Vikings./ "Let's keep that bum in retirement," one Packer fan sings.// The game has started, and the kickoff has been completed./ Ev'ry Packer fan hopes the Vikings will be defeated./ This is one of the biggest rivalries in all of sports./ Each team will be looking to set up their defensive forts.// The visiting Vikings took the ball first and charged the field./ It was difficult for the Packers to put up a shield./ The Vikings scored fairly quickly; boy, were they very proud./ Boos, jeers, and frowns erupted from the hosting Packer crowd.// However, the Packers took the ball and scored just as quick./ The game was then tied after the extra-point kick./ A very fast pace made the game very interesting./ Whoever wins this game will be the NFC North king.// The Vikings led the Packers 14 to 10 after one./ Favre was trying to beat his old team and get the job done./ It was a seesaw battle early on in the tight game./ If Favre won the match he would go into the Hall of Fame.// Just before the end of the first half, something great was seen./ A game-tying touchdown from the Packers made the game keen./ Halftime came and both teams entered their sep-rate locker rooms./ In both of the coaches' minds, the darkness of a loss looms.// The second half began with the score tied 17 all./ Each coach trying to think of the game winning touchdown call./ In the third the Vikings blinked first as the Packers scored first./ 70,000 screams and cheers from the Packer fans burst.// It was looking dim for the Vikings who trailed by seven./ To tie the close game up they might need to pray to heaven./ They drove down the field fast, but only added a field goal./ Whoever won the contest would go to the Super Bowl.// Time was running out for the Vikings in the fourth quarter./ Their hopes for a Super Bowl became shorter and shorter./ The Packers led by seven again after a field goal./ Brett Favre desp-rately needed to win, or he'd lose his soul.// The Vikings got the ball back with two minutes left to go./ No one took their eyes off the great game; this was the main show./ The Vikings were ten yards away as one minute remained./ With five seconds left, just before the final play, it rained.// The ball was snapped, but it was wet and slipped out of Favre's hands./ Ev'ry one went wild; you could hear the scream of the fans./ Favre picked up the ball and started to run; boy did he run./ The 40-year-old man sprinted and shot out like a gun.// However, he could not pass the ball over the goal line./ So on that day, the Green Bay Packers were the ones to shine./ They would go on to win the Super Bowl the next weekend./ In 2010, they put up their title to defend.//

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