December 21, 2009
By guizzie15 BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
guizzie15 BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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//It t'was fall of the year, a time when nature winded down./
Children returned to school, all of them wore a downcast frown./
The color of trees was changing and their leaves were falling./
Squirrels gathered acorns for the winter, the park was sprawling./

//Days were shorter, nights were longer coldness was setting in./
Whenever school closed for bad weather children had a grin./
The trees have lost their leaves and the ground is hard and frigid./
If it was freezing and ice came the trees would look rigid./

//One day in winter there was more snow than the news assumed./
Judging by the blanket of snow's depth no school I presumed./
My mother came into my room and announced "no school for you."/
I quickly sprang from my bed looking for something to do./

//Soon my mother was shoveling the snow that was outside./
I went outside so she would have someone to work beside./
The cold snow was heavy when I lifted it from the ground./
After the snow shoveling, we threw snowballs around./

//After the short snowball fight we trudged through the heavy snow./
I started to roll a snowbsll that was on the ground low./
Later, my mom helped me; she made two other large snowballs./
We then stack the snowballs on each other and nothing falls./

//In the front of my house there stood a snowman almost my height./
We put on the eyes, nose, mouth, and scarf without a fight./
To be different we put an old wig on the snowman too./
This snowman now a snowlady was nameless which was true./

//If people passed by they would look at snowlady and stare./
Whenever people stared snowlady would give them a glare./
Soon, snowlady was starting to shrink shorter and shorter./
I gathered up some powdery snow so I could help her./

//Days and days went by, the snow started to turn to slush./
Then I came to help snowlady, she collapsed with a gush./
When I saw the snowlady I was dismayed at the site./
Then I thought about next winter, this thought gave me some might./

//Colors were emerging spring was comming soon it was credible./
All the snow was almost melted and the ground was visible./
Outside, everything was waking up from its winter nap./
In the park, I see people running or jogging a lap./

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