Over The Weekend

December 21, 2009
By Kevin Jakaria BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Kevin Jakaria BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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My day begins getting up and getting ready for school,/
And when I get there I learn many things and many rules./
After a hard day of work, I get to go to my home./
on the way there, I try to talk because I'll be alone.//
Now that i'm here, i get to cheer and have a little fun./
Soon I drop my bags, get my books and get my homework done./
I'm working hard to finish so I can start my studies./
When i finish i can finally get with my buddies.//
We all hang out and enjoy our time for the moment./
we play basketball, shooting the ball through rims that are bent./
Then i ride y bike home and prepare myself to go to sleep./
I walk in my room, my clothsand brush my teeth.//
Now I can go to sleep and dream about the next day,/
And because it is Saturday, I know I can go play./
I know to finish all my homework by the weekend./
I have to be careful to avoid injuries to mend.//
i love this hot, sunny, summer day that brings happiness,/
But it ended when I got grounded for my carelessness./
Apparently I forgot to tell my mom where i was./
Staying home, grounded, was like being wrapped in a tight gauze./
I could not play video games or watch any T.V./
Being grounded is suffering and I want to be free!/
Behaving was the only way of getting out of this./
With no television there were T.V. shows that I had missed.//
My parents began to see my behavior improving./
So they tried to teach me a lesson to know of learning./
They finally resalized that I deserved to be free./ They tell me the news and I was thrilled so i yelled yippee!//
My wonderful weekend was finally back on track./
I was so excited I had to tell my best friend Jack./
We decided to go and get the fun party started./
Everything was ready for the party; planned and charted.//
We danced until we couldn't and we listened to music./
The party lasted long and it all seemed so realistic./
The weekend ended up being awesome and i loved it./
My weekend finally came to an end and that was it.//

The author's comments:
the poem turned out great

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