The Wrestling Tournament

December 21, 2009
By Dylan Painton BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Dylan Painton BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I wake up extremely early and crawl out of bed,/
Now to eat my small breakfest and change as if I were dead./
I hop into my dad's nice silver car and drive away,/
That is the last time I will see the sun light of today.//
I arrive at the high school and look for my weight's bracket,/
Step into the burning gym and take off my gold jacket./
I put on my singlet and lace up my wrestling shoes,/
Start stretching, running, and hoping that I will not lose.//
I watch my friends' matches until my bout is loudly called,/
Walk to my designated mat where some kids are appalled./
Check in my name, the ref's whistle blows, the match will begin,/
I minute goes by and I easily get the quick pin.//
I have about another hour before I compete,/
To kill some time I decide to get something small to eat./
Soon after I sit down with my friends,/
The few hours until my next match rapidly descends.//
Soon enough I have to wrestle another long, rough match,/
Glance at my opponent where on his shoes there is a patch./
I had a terrible feeling that something would go wrong,/
This sense was strange because the kid did not seem very strong.//
A few seconds went by and I got a very fast take down,/
Quickly I could tell his mad coaches started to frown./
On top I saw a swift elbow targeted at my face,/
Blood started to pour from my nose like it was hit with a mace.//
I got enraged and wanted to slug him but I did not,/
Blood still rushed out of my nose and seemed like it refused to clot./
Once it finally got plugged, I went back onto the mat,/
Faster than ever, I made both of his shoulders go flat.//
I went to the trainer and she claimed my nose was broken,/
I did not know what to say, no words were spoken./
My coaches found out and didn't want me to wrestle again,
I thought of the choices I could make every now and then.//
I decided I would wrestle in my final round,/
My coaches said I shouldn't do that and I hated that sound./
There was no doubt in my mind I would have taken first place,/
But to me taking second that day was such a disgrace.//

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