The Game

December 21, 2009
By Joshua Siepmann BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Joshua Siepmann BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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The team runs onto the field wearing their gloves and their hats,/
The crowd makes some noise, because the team was the famous Bats./
The home team warms up, then the fielders throws the balls in./
The crowd becomes excited, the game's about to begin.//
The battter steps into the box and stares the pitcher down./
The pitcher throws the ball; the hitter swings the bat around./
He hits the ball towards a fielder, who throws the runner out,/
He is disappointed, but that is what the game is about.//
The inning finished quickly, with two batters striking out,/
The Bats ran off the field and the crowd started to shout./
The pitcher threw some warm-ups, then the home team came to bat./
The pitch was way down in the dirt, no way he'd swing at that.//
He took three more bad pitches, and trotted down to fist base,/
The next man stepped up to bat with a smile on his face./
The man swung and lined the pitch right back to the pitcher,/
They turned two, then the next batter flied out to the catcher.//
The Bats took the field again and prepared to make the plays,/
But today was definately not on of their best days./
The first pitch was drilled over the right field fence, a home run./
The pitcher gave up six runs before the inning was done.//
The home team came up to bat with a six run deficit,/
However, tonight their team could not get a single hit./
The opposing pitcher was hot, he just kept throwing strikes./
His fastball was something that no hitter could ever like.//
The inning ended quickly with only eight pitches thrown,/
The pitcher's stuff had been great all year, this team had known./
The game continued on like this for the entire night,/
And finally the end was starting to come into sight.//
At the end of the eigth inning, the score was ten to none,/
Despite the other team's thinking, the game had just begun./
After the visitors went down in one-two-three fasion,/
The first six bats all got hits, including a long home run.//
The score eventually reached a close ten to seven,/
But two batters got out, numbers thirteen and eleven./
The bases were loaded for the team's most vaunted hitter,/
He struck out on three pitches, and the ending was bitter.//

The author's comments:
One night, I was bored... so yeah.

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