Late, Late, Late

December 21, 2009
By deeefh BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
deeefh BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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When i wake in the morning I want to go back to sleep./But I make myself get up and from my bed I must leap./I brush my hair, get dressed, and then go sit in my seat./And before I know it, its way too late for me to eat.//And I am out of the door as quickly as I can be.Traffic in the distance is all I am able to see./So I sit in the car and wait and wait until we're there./And because of all the cars I am late and it's not fair.//I jump out of the door with all my bags in my hand./I'm in such a rush that I drop my things all over the sand./I look down at the bag and all I see is a huge tear./All I can do is think it is too late for me to care.//The students rush into the school as I hear the bell ring./My backpack's completely destroyed and all that's left is string./I pick up all of its contents and through the doors I run./I am a hige fiasco and my worst day has begun.//I push through the crowd of students to find my locker jammed./It must have looked like that because of the way it was slammed./I tried to unlock it but every time was a fail./From a one to a ten this day was a one on the scale.//I throw my stuff to the floor then run to get the janitor.
/I pass by the teachers wo yell get the hall monitor./Shoot, I don't have a pass to be in the hall anymore./Today is the day I'll be getting detention for sure.// I quickly dash to get to the custodian's office./But once I arrive there it will have been so worthless. /For I am far too late and will receive a tardy slip./Once I get to my locker with the janitor I trip.//I pick myself up and help with the locker combo./I try to focus while I hear the crowds mumbo jumbo./After so may attempts he finally unlocks it./I go to class but still I don't like it one bit.//I arrive at my first class and take my seat in my chair./I look at the clock and see I had ten minutes to spare. /All the ruckus for nothing, I could have taken more time./"Oh well, whatever, this has been quite a morning," I chime.

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