Extras, Extras

December 21, 2009
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You get dressed walk out, onto the field, the sun is so very bright./ They say take a couple laps, your muscles are so very tight./ You finally get to stretch, the coaches make you run like mad./ You get done after an eternity your chest hurts so bad.// Now here comes the drills that if done right will make you dreadfully sore./ You better make sure you don't walk or the whole team runs some more./ You get so crazy thirsty,its unbearable, your throat feels so dry./ Yes at soccer practice it feels like you will fall down and die.// And then of course as if it was not horrible enough./ As if it was not so painful and unbelievably tough./ Off in the shadows of the high school you can just make out a man./ your heart falls as you see running late yet again is Dan.// Then there's the second that you hope this look you've taken,/ Is not true, there's no way, oh you must have been mistaken./ But Dan keeps coming without falter, he's even closer now./ Dan is late, it happened again, what a shocker, wow.//As you realize this, you hate Dan with all parts of your mind./ As he gets closer, people make comments. none of which are kind./
You want to throw anything at him to pop his little bubble./ But of course you know that will result in even more trouble.// As he walks up to coach, everyone is paying attention./ He quietly tells him the news that he, Dan has benn sitting in detention./ Coach stands tall and gives Dan a most evil sort of smile./ And says because of him the team will be running for quite awhile.// So we start to run again, all for Dan's stupid joke's sake./ Soon every muscle in your body starts to be sore and to ache./ And it starts to feel like you've been running all afternoon./ Your only hope of surviving is that practice will end soon.// Extras, extras for every single player all around./ For fear of more no one dares groan or make a sad sound./ Finally we are done with practice, but still no one is a fan./ Of that bad troublemaking detention-getting boy Dan.// And finally it dawns, you think about it and it really hits you./ Like a ghost who just popped out of a corner screaming boo!/ You get home and look at your calender, its only Monday./ There's six more days that you have to go to practice and pay.//

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