An Average Day

December 21, 2009
By Wahid Walli BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Wahid Walli BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I wake up in the morning, and get out of my bed./
I look in the mirror, and I seem a bit dead./
I finish up in the bathroom, and head out to the hall./
I head on to the kitchen, as I hold onto the wall.//
I think to myself as I eonder what I should make./
I look around and find some leftover pieces of cake./
I have my last bites and get my things together./
I get a pair of clothes appropriate for the weather.//
I think about my homework on the car ride to school./
I realize I forgot a page, and call myself a fool./
I wait outside the doors and have a talk with my buddies./
We laugh and smile among ourselves like a bunch of dummies.//
The bell rings and the doors open so we head along inside./
I see someone I forgot to pay back as I try and hide./
I head to my locker to get my binders and my book./
I walk to my homeroom as I give my teacher a look.//
I try to make it throughout the day although I'm very bored./
I know I will regret that lecture that I ignored./
I wait and wait until the bell rings so that I can go./
The bell finally rings and I seem to almost glow.//
Gym finally arrives and now I can have some fun./
The quarterback says hike and I begin to run./
Next I go to wood shop as I have fun making new things./
It is a very fun class until the clean up bell rings.//
My stomach starts to growl as I realize its time for lunch./
I really enjoy the food I eat as I crunch and munch./
As the school day ends I get really excited and restless./
As I make my way out of school I look like a mess.//
My mom picks me up and I'm finally back home./
I remember that I have homework as I begin to moan./
I finish up my homework and take a sigh of relief./
I take a quick nap although it is very brief.//
Through the rest of my day, I find things to keep my busy./
When I finish my things to do I feel a bit dizzy./
As the day ends I crawl into bed and pull up the cover./
Tomorrow will be the same, a day like another.//

The author's comments:
I just felt like writing a poem.

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