A Fright at Lunch

December 21, 2009
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As the bell goes ring I hopped out of my seat with such glee./For it was lunch time, and i was so happy you can see./I rushed out of my class and got my bag very slickly./I saw my friend and walked with him to lunch oh so quickly.//When we arrived the cafe was extra crowded that day./We both got there late because we took the extra long way./I got into the lunch room and was seated very fast./If i was not quick my position in line would ber last.//When I got in the line and the school food smells so very good./I am extra hungry because I always come from wood./I looked at the lunch menu hoping they had nothing bad./All the food for lunch today was good so I wasn't sad.//A thought crossed my mind and that was to leave early and cut./But then thought that getting back would be a pain in the butt./So I ended up way in the back of the line sadly./I didn't eat breakfast today, my stomach hurt badly.//Suddenly I realized I did not have money on me./I had no idea where the money I had could now be./I must find or borrow the money from someone somehow./I was so hungry I had to get the money right now.//Sadly I had to step out of the lineto get some mint./I went back to my book bag and all I found was dry lint./I went around the table and got a little nickel./With that nickel the only thing I could buy was a pickle.//I thought that someone would have some money would be Pat./He said sorry but he spent it all on a baseball bat./I then had asked someone else for money and that was Troy./He too had no money he had given it to some boy.//Lunch time was now almost over and I had to borrow./When I borrow I have to pay the lunch aid tommorrow./ I asked for some money and she said today lunch was free./After she told me I was so happy I shouted yipee.//I then went to the lunch line amazingly filled with joy./Getting some food now seemed like getting a new shiny toy./I sat down and enjoyed this long desired cafe food./I would never forget my money again, peace out dude.

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