Breakfast Delight

December 21, 2009
By Gabssss BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Gabssss BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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After dragging myself out of bed in a fog or sleep,/ Then realizing my bleak day of school trying not to weep,/ My nose is suddenly filled with the most delightful smell,/ My mom has made another meal to drool over, she's so swell.// It's the only thing that gets me up, wondering what it is,/ How wonderful a cook she is, oh my it's my mom Liz,/ From blueberry muffins to pancakes with butter, it's great,/ She cooks every morning and no toast even if she's late.//Then one morning i woke up frightened with a startled shout,/ There was nothing on the table and my mom was knocked out,/ I shook my mom awake and she had slept through her alarm,/ I couldn't be mad at her because she really meant no harm.//She frantically looked around the kitchen thinking what to make,/ There was no time to turn on the oven, too late to bake,/ Sitting at the table my stomach began to rumber,/ My mom brainstormed for ideas and then started to mumble.//She ran to the fridge and looked around her, her face lighting up,/
I knew thought of something as she set my plate and cup,/ As she ran around the kitchen my mind began to fret,/I frantically looked at the clock and saw I had to jet.// I ran around the house packing my bag and doing my hair,/When i saw what my mom had done I couldn't help but stare,/ I gasped as I saw the fruit parfait my mom had made,
I sat and my worry of being late started to fade.// As i ate my parfait my momw ent to go get dressed,/ I heard from my mom's room "I am so sorry" she confessed,/ I looked over and saw a seat next to he table,/ "Where's Becky?" I said to mom as I read the juice label.// Mom did not hear me so i assumed she was not ready,/ Carefully I carried in my glass plate slow and steady,/ I put my plate in the sink and went to do my make-up,/ My mom quickly fed my dog, Penny, she is just a pup.// I knocked on Becky's door to make sure she was all done,/ I realized all my mom had done and I thanked her a ton,/ I pounded on Becky's door to see if she was okay,/ Confused and tired she yelled "Go to sleep it's Saturday!"//

The author's comments:
My mom making me scrumptious breakfasts every morning inspired this piece.

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