The Countdown to Freedom

December 21, 2009
By Ashley Robjohns BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Ashley Robjohns BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Seconds are slowly rolling by, the clock is a ticking./It echoes so loud in my head, that annoying clicking./As the minutes slowly pass by, the suspense gets stronger./It feels to me as if I cannot wait any longer.
The anticipation is rising, I cannot wait more./Once the bell rings, I'm running right out of that classroom door./My bed is beckoning to me, it knows I am weary./Waiting for the day's end has been tirelessly dreary.
Only a few minutes left, the end of the day is near./ The tension is rising, I feel I might jump off a pier!/The bell will ring soon, and then I will dart right to my house./ I am suffering in silence, quieter than a mouse.
I try to occupy my mind, first I start by drawing./This does not work well, now on my pencil I am gnawing./ Tapping all of my fingers and my feet is not working./ Nothing will distract me, the thought of freedom is lurking.
Maybe if I start to read a good book, that will help me./ No! I will start to write a story, that will be the key!/None of my thoughts are keeping my mind off the current time./ These thoughts are not leaving me, they are beginning to chime.
I can not take it longer! I have to take a quick glance!/Five minutues, it reads. I feel like there are ants in my pants./ As every second goes by, I swear the clock gets slower./ When the time gets closer, this feeling better get lower.
I close my two eyes in an attempt to calm myself down./ The tantalizing thought bombard me and I start to frown./ How many minutes? I dare to try not to even guess./ Just waiting for the end bell is causing me so much stress.
The bell rings! What I've been waiting for, freedom is now mine!/ The pressure is relieved, I am now relaxed, I am fine./ I gather my things and start to bolt out of the class door./My teacher yells after me, "You get back here, Mr. Moore!"
"You have detention. Don't you remember?" she says to me./ I sit down in my seat, I am now drained of all my glee./ To forget of my punishment has now put me in pain./
I guess that the count down to freedom will start once again.

The author's comments:
Modeled after the narrative poem "Casey at the Bat"

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