Lost at Sea

December 21, 2009
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A summer day st the beach was meant to be all in fun./
Swimming in the ocean, and sitting, tanning in the sun./
It was my sister and I; we were playing in the ocean./
I'm always scared of something; I had another notion.

The water was oh so nice, we were splashing all sbout./
I was convinced there was a shark; I wanted to get out./
Jessica said "You're a baby, I guess you're on your own."/
I started swimming back, so afraid to be alone./

I realized there was no shark, but Jess was nowhere in sight./
The water was stronger, I wouldn't give in without a fight./
The ocean was deep now, I was in over my head./
I yelled, I screamed, I panicked thinking I could soon be dead./

After struggling for awhile, Jess saw it was only me./
Jessica swan over, but now we were both trapped at sea./
We didn't know what to do, should we swim or should we stay?/
Looking back at the beach it seemed so far where the people lay. /

Jessica recognized our mother jumping up and down./
She was getting the guard's attention so we wouldn't drown./
The life guard saw, blew his whistle, and jumped over the rope./
The guard and our mom came in finally there was some hope./

When they both got to us we were just happy as can be./ The way out of the ocean was finally what we could see./ The two help Jessica and I safely back to the shore./ I think I learned my lesson, I wasn't asking for more.// If I didn't get so nervous, everything would be fine./ I should've listened to Jess, this time I crossed the line./ She was still my hero, she's always looking out for me./ I believed if she wasnt't there, I would be trapped at sea.// Looking back at this day makes me want to laugh and smile./ My mom even says "Ger, its not like you were out a mile."/ We were so young, she was nine, I was only seven years./ Thinking back to it when we were shedding many tears.

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