Danger in Geometry Class

December 21, 2009
By mr.piggy2 BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
mr.piggy2 BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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One, two, three, four, five... five posters in geometry class./My mind slowly wonders as my teacher tries to explain mass./No I cant start this again I focus my weary eyes./ The numbers on the board take the shape of salty French Fries.//

The teacher starts talking, begins to ask complex questions./If only I had listened to the earlier lessons./One student then another, he goes down the row./ Ducking down I shamefully hold my head low.//

The clock's malicious ticking strangley matches my hear beat./ I felt everyone's eyes on me and my face flushed with heat./ He got closer, I started gasping much like a fish./ For the bell to ring and class to end was my only wish.//

Walking slowly and swiftly he seemed to be taunting me./ The pain and torture Iwas in, I wish someone could see./ I was ready to explode by the time he reached my aisle./ I felt dreary and weak like I had just run a mile.//

The walls were slowly and surely closing in around me./ My thoughts were a blur and I felt as if I couldn't see./ I felt that at any moment I would die from my fear./ Softly shaking my head I tried to think thoughts that were clear.//

My brain was the enemy sending fear through my body./ If only earliler I hadnt acted so haughty./ The few seconds that had slowly passed seemed like hours./ My small respect for geometry began to sour.//

He towered over my desk staring me straight in the eye./ The stare made me want to shrink and turn into a fly./ The stare was like a catalyst provoking a battle./ My weary insides began to shake, my body rattle.//

His mouth opened to talk, it was all in slow motion./ I felt as though I had just taken some deadly potion./ The words that he said were incomprehensible to me./ If I could get to the window I would climb down the tree.//

Hands raised all around me like a fiery wave in the sea./ It rose up high then came crashing down engulfing poor me./ With a small nod of his head he skipped right over me./ I whooshed ou the air from my lungs, I was finally free./

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