Never Coming Back

December 21, 2009
By Paul Seyffart BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Paul Seyffart BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Brayden had just tuerned eighteen, and was getting a new car./
But once he got his keys, he wanted to go to a bar./
His very nice mother, Elodie, knew him very well./
It was clear she knew he drank, even if he didnt tell./

When he came home, Elodie needed to have a long talk./
She sid if he was drunk and wanted to drive, he should walk./
She desperately hoped that all that she said would sink in./
But after she left , he rolled his eyes and started to grin./

On very late Friday nights, teenagers go to parties./
However the said part is they are not always smarties./
Brayden knew rhat drinking and drivingwas not at all right./
Hence, why he should have left when the beer showed up that night./

It was an ordinary week night, people were outing./
His phone wrung unanswered, because everyone was shouting./
When the beer arrived, everyone was playing beer pong./
Playing loudly in the boom box was his favorite song./

He drank as many as he could, not elaving but one more./
This was made obvious when he suddenly hit the floor./
As everybody left the party, Brayden left too./
In his new car, had no clue where to go or what to do./

As his drunken mind drove on roads, swerving from left to right./
His driving was proving he wouldnt make it home that night./
A child was crossing the road to go to his friends house./
When Braydens car hit the child, he was squished like a mouse./

Brayden continued on the long road, with incrasing speed./
He was going to too fast to look at the speed signs to read./
Just like Brayden, another car was rounding the long bend./
When thier headlights met, they both knew that it would be the end./

The cars smashed into each other with incredible force./
Brayden all the sudden had a large feeling or remorse./
The cars and bodies waited until the ambulance came./
The sight to see as nothing but a big, terrible shame./

Elodie, by pure luck, happend to have been driving by./
When she realized it was her sons car she started to cry./
She ran to her sons aid, but it was terrible too late./
He soon said to his mom, this was not meant to be my fate./

He opened his mouth for tha last time, saying" Im sorry"./
It was a beautiful night and the clouds were so starry.
She sat there is misery wondering why he ignored./
But then only tears came out, and when they did come, they poured./

The paramedics arrived and did as much as they could./
But brayden , and the family of four killed, never stood./
They carried her sons body away in a big black sack./
It finally hit her that he was never coming back.

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