The Minute That Changed Everything

December 21, 2009
By AndreaG SILVER, South Plainfield, New Jersey
AndreaG SILVER, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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"Everything happens for a reason..."

Everyone gathers at the couch and is eagerly waiting./The soccer annoucers on TV are now debating./Delicious snacks and drinks are quickly passed around the room./Geez, all the commotion sounds like one gigantic KABOOM!//
The noise ceases right when the game officially begins./Suspense builds as we hope the Ecuadorian team wins./The first twenty minutes are the most important, indeed./At this time, you can tell which is the team that will succeed.//The best games are the ones that are very close; these we crave/Both teams are so close to scoring; each goalie has made one save./At minute thirty-four, the opposing team scores a goal./A unified 'boo' showed we were affected as a whole.//Later, we watch the replay; anguish strikes fast as lightening./Our favorite team is losing; this is quite frightening./Now, we eagerly wait for our team to make a comeback./The first half ends and out team has not yeat made an attack.//People use this fifteen minute break to eat snacks and talk./I remain in a trance and watch the TV like a hawk./Motionlessly, I wait for the second half to begin./It would caus joyous feelings or deception to set in.//The game continues and everybody hopes for the best./This means we want Ecuador to be better than the rest./The initial mood was confidence, but that has now changed./Spectators' disparity for a goal is exchanged.//The game goes on and still Ecuador has not yet scored./Of course, you'd expect more, but there is no need to grow bored./You see, this soccer match has taken an exciting turn./Even so, will Ecuador get the one goal we yearn?//Finally, the flawless goal we have waited for is scored./This goal brings great relief, and our confidence is restored./Now, the score is Ecuador one and Uruguay one./To me, it seems as if the game would be tied and not won.//With fifteen minutes left, the chances of scoring were slim./I am content with the current score, but others seem dim./The clock ticks on and now only ten minutes remain./ Some assume that nothing will happen and start to complain.//When there is five minutes left many people leave the room./A few people stay to watch the game end as they presume./Most people return and watch with disbelief and wonder./Clearly, what just happened requires some time to ponder.//My assumption of the game was obviously proven wrong./Also, my sense of satisfaction did not belong./A team did manage to score a goal right out of the blue./The final score was Ecuador one and Uruguay two.//

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