The Morning Commute

December 21, 2009
By southhockey BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
southhockey BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I grabbed the keys off the table and took some gas money./ I stepped outside my front door and it was very sunny./ Fifteen steps later I was standing outside my blue jeep./ Since it was six in the morning I couldn't hear a peep.//

I put the key in the ignition and the engine roared./ Then I turned on the radio so I wouldn't get bored./ Down by the beach the weather is always ninety degrees./ I opened up the sunroof to catch the nice ocean breeze.//

I quickly swiped on another layer of rose lip gloss./ Tuesdays are hectic; I tried no to be late for my boss./ Driving quickly down Oakland Ave, I turned the blinker right./ I was speeding down the street 'cause no police were in sight.//

There is no traffic in the winter, here in Surf City./ That is because it's mostly a summer community./ Getting to work usually takes fifteen minutes, about./ I go in at six thirty and at four I can clock out.//

I work at a real-estate business as an attorney./ Becoming Weichert's employee was not a long journey./ Weirchert Realty is three towns over in Holgate./ LBI is where I sell my most expensive estates.//

As I cruised down the main road my cell pgone began to ring./ Since police aren't always around I checked who was calling./ "Hi honey," spoke back at me. It was my fiance, Jimmy./ "Hi," I said. "I'll talk to you later I'm driving, sweetie."//

Just as I hung up I saw flashing red lights behind me./ While I began to slow down I nervously drank my tea./ While veering to the right side, I prepared for the bad news./ To win over the man I decided to try and schmooze.//

Flashing thru my mind was all I had done wrong in the car./ Could it be that I was over the speed limit to far?/ I could still see the lights blink in the corner of my eye./ All of a sudden I saw the black and white car fly by.//

Was I off the hook? I guess I didn'tdisobey the law./
As I pulled into the parking lot I was still in awe./ That was too close of a call to getting my first ticket./ This was a very lucky day I have to admit it.//

Speeding and using the phone will not happen ever again./ As I parked in my spot the sign read, Attorney Brooke Glenn./ I was still a nervous wrect walking into the building./ I was late anyway and the meeting was in full swing.//

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